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Officer Guidelines 
Psi Chi is made up of high-­‐achieving members; in fact, scholastic excellence is a requirement. To be a leader demands more than academic accomplishment. In order to lead, you need to also be creative, wise, and dedicated. By accepting the challenge of leading your chapter, you will develop a set of skills that are attractive to a wide range of employers and to graduate school acceptance committees. Psi Chi officers learn to organize people and materials, to solve real-­world problems, to handle the finances of an organization, and to delegate—among many other skills. In the short term—you benefit by becoming eligible to apply for specific grants and awards, you have the opportunity to network with more experts, and you enjoy special programming at regional conventions. In the long term—you gain demonstrable skills that will help you be successful personally and professionally.

These are elected offices:
Executive Officers: 



President Oversee all decisions made regarding the organization, as well as coordinate and organize psi chi goals, activities and events.
Vice-President Take on responsibilities delegated by the president; organize and coordinate all elements of the department's annual awards & recognition banquet.
Secretary Keep record of attendance and all Psi Chi functions; record and maintain meeting notes.
Treasurer Maintain all financial records; balance checkbook; prepare annual report; pay bills.
Fundraiser Create, coordinate, and implement new and traditional ideas regarding raising funds for Psi Chi

These positions are appointed:
Position    Responsibilities 
Facebook Administrator  Update and maintain Psi Chi Facebook page relating to EIU chapter goals, activities and events  
Historian / PhotographerKeep photographical record of all Psi Chi events and activities  
WebmasterDesign, update, and maintain Psi Chi website with new and relevant information regarding membership information, activities and upcoming events  

Position    Responsibilities 
Apparel CoordinatorDesign t-shirts, research companies to use, coordinate member purchases
Induction Coordinator  Organize induction ceremony and keep record of member's dates of induction  
Membership Drive Coordinator  Advertise joining Psi Chi and distribute application announcements     
Public Relations Coordinator Maintain the Psi Chi Bulletin Board Updated; post event news
Service Coordinator Develop and coordinate community service partnerships and events.
Special Events CoordinatorDevelop and coordinate special events, such as partnerships with Psych Club.

Alumni LiaisonMaintain lists of graduated members and coordinate interactions with them.
Elections  Liaison Coordinate elections and keep record of offices held.
Assist Dr. Brito with scheduling and organizing Faculty-Psi Chi events.