Emerging Instructional Technologies

240:159g - Dr. Leigh Zeitz 


Read for 8/28/2007

Prensky, M. (2007) How to teach with technology: Keeping both teachers and student comfortable in an era of exponential change.

Dede, C. (2004) Enabling distributed learning comunities via emerging technologies - part one.

Dede, C. (2004) Enabling distributed learning comunities via emerging technologies - part two.

Read for 9/4/2007 

Prensky, M. (2001) Digital natives, digital immigrants.

New Media Consortium & Educause (2007) The horizon report.

Prensky, M. (2005) Engage me or enrage me: What today's learner's demand.

Blogs, a primer: Class content (Blog)
Review this blog.  It reviews using Blogs as well as Podcasts as well as ?????

Using Wikispaces in the Classroom (Podcast)
This is a 30-minute interview with Vicki Davis, a high school teacher in GA, and Adam Frey, the developer of Wikispaces.com.

Read for 9/11/2007

21st Century Learning #45: Jeff Mao, Coordinator of Educational Technology, Maine (EdTech Talk Podcast)
Hear about the processes that the whole state of Maine experienced as they implemented a 1:1 computing project in the 6th grade in Maine.  44,000 computer across the state.  (53 minutes)

The 1-to-1 Stories Project (blog)
Review this blog on 1-to-1 projects.  It explains why and how personal computing can be implemented in the classroom.

Laptop Learning: A Comparison of teaching and learning in upper elementary classrooms equipped with shared carts of laptops and permanent 1:1 laptops
17-minute PPT presentation on research that was completed through Boston College.  This presentation by Damian Bebell involves both a PowerPoint presentation and an audio track of Dr. Bebell presenting the results.  This research reviews the results of using 1:1 computing in 4th and 5th grade.

Read for 9/18/2007

Tales of a Classroom Blogger
An experienced educational technologist shares the discovery of a fifth year middle school teacher who is using blogging to inspire her students. 

The Tethered Generation
With access to technology since a young age and a perpetual connection to parents, the millennial generation brings new challenges to the workplace.

Creating and Connecting//Research and Guidelines on Online Social and Educational Networking 

WebLogs in Higher Education - Blog
Directs you directly to a Blogging rubric, but review the rest of the blog.  This blog has been running for years and provides a great deal of insight.

Find and Review a Blog that is directly related to your theme for this semester.

Read/Visit/Review/Listen for 9/25/2007

Visit the Innovation Exchange in Second Life.  (If you see a red circle on the map that appears, double-click on it.)
This should lead you to a place near the Innovation Exchange.  It never took me to the place that wanted which was right in front of the building.  Go inside (click on the door to open it) and look around.  Begin by going to the "Deep End" room (yes, you can walk right across the water.)  Look at the charts on the wall.  One is the Emerging Technologies Overview and the other is the updated NETS-S (National Educational Technology Standards - Students).  As you wander around the house (both floors) you will see that it is designed around these standards.
Please print out the Overview and Standards so that you will be familiar with them on Tuesday night.  I expect you to know them as you walk in the door that night so that we can have an informed discussion.
(BTW, click on the music switch at the bottom of your screen and you will hear some relaxing jazz sounds.  This is actually played by Ferdi Serim and friends.)

Visit my house across the way. 
Once again, you can listen to Ferdi's wonderful music.  The bottom floor is his part and the top floor is mine.  Please wander around.  Go upstairs and enjoy the hot tub as you discuss emerging technologies with your colleagues.  I have an offer for you.  I challenge you to decorate the second floor.  Nothing gaudy.  Think learning environment.  Please don't install rows of desks.  Get imaginative.  Just don't remove the green carpet in my rec room.  You can change the color, but don't remove it.

Using Second Life for Immersive Learning (Educause Connect Podcast)
14-minute podcast with Dr. Cynthia Calongne, Professor of Computer Science at Colorado Technical University.   Discusses how she uses Second Life to provide real-life laboratories for her students.

A New Wave of Innovation for Teaching and Learning? (Article)

Read/Visit/Review/Listen for 10/2/2007

Podcasting- Just Another Classroom Tool for the 21st Century Learner (Tech Teacher Podcast)
An introduction to using podcasting in the classroom.  This sounds like a workshop that the podcaster has given.  If you find it interesting, you can listen to parts 2 and 3 on the website (better yet, download iTunes and subscribe to these podcasts.)
Tech Teacher Podcast

Podcasting in Academic and Corporate Learning  - NO LONGER AVAILABLE
A good overview of how to use podcasting in corporate and university settings.  There are a number of links at the end of the article for additional references.  Review some of these too. 

Podcasting & Vodcasting (A White Paper) (University of Missouri)
This will replace the Podcasting in Academic and Corporate Learning article.  It is an informative 14-page article on podcasting and vodcasting.

7 Things to Know about RSS
Read this short intro to provide background for RSS.  Real Simple Syndication is what makes the difference between podcasting and posting audio files on your website.  Take a look at the rest of the "7 Things You Should Know About . . . " library.

How to Make a 10-Minute Podcast
Brief blog posting on the sequence for making a 10-minute blog.  You don't have to include the ads unless you are looking for funding for your podcast.  =-)

Willowcast #25

Listen to this 5th grade podcast about colonial times.  Pay attention to the parts that were noted in the previous reading.  Listen for the Intro, the Out-tro, transitions, and how they have merged the pieces into a whole.  Listen when and how the music background is used.  Listen for the music volume in relation to the speech.

A Podcast on Your Theme
Find and subscribe to a podcast on your theme.  Listen to at least one of the episodes and review it on your blog.  This must be submitted by class time on Oct 3.  Make certain that you link to the podcast and the episode.  You might even find other resources to link to on your blog.

TED Talks
Watch at least one of the TED vodcasts.  You can subscribe to the video through iTunes but you have to have a video iPod to watch it.  You can also subscribe to an audio podcast if you want to listen to them while you walk or drive.  These are addictive.  Once you here one, you will want to hear them all.  I am suggesting these because I want you to consider what you can accomplish using the podcast/video blog media.

Read/Visit/Review/Listen for 10/30/2007

E-Book Wikipedia definition 

Blook Wikipedia definition 

eBook selection at UNI Library  - Go to the UNI library and see if you can find any ebooks at the UNI Rod Library about your topic.  If you can't find one, look for another on a topic of interest.

Adobe Content Server 3  

NxtBook - Commercial site that provides resources for creating an ebook. This is the company that provides the COE newsletter (lower left corner).