Home:The president of the EIS network—Mr.Surapong Ngamsom Trainer—Science Math Computer and English teachers of Sunthonphu Pittaya Secondary School and groups

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  English for Integrated Studies: EIS

 - is to use English to teach Math, Computer, and Science subjects.


  Why should we have ……..

                   …….EIS training ?

  · To improve and enhance the language skills of Mathematics, Computer, and Science teachers 

               so that……the instructors will be able to teach effectively using English as a medium of instruction.


         -to demonstrate to the teachers the importance and the benefits of using English in class.
         -to present how to access knowledge in scientific developments 
          (both the teachers and students)


  HOW ?

-Introduce classroom English, including body language, and gestures to conduct a class.

-Practice asking Yes/No and Wh- questions.

-Learn to comprehend the English texts.

-Prepare lesson plans.