Special Issue on EIST in Personal and Ubiquitous Computing (PUC) Journal

Call for Papers
The Personal and Ubiquitous Computing journal is hosting a special issue on educational interfaces, software, and technology. To learn more and submit a paper, click here for the call for papers. 

Past Events
On May 5-6, 2012 we held our third annual workshop in conjunction with CHI 2012. The workshop program is available if you would like to review the wonderful set of presentations and activities that we had this time around. Click here to read the original description and call for papers for the 2012 workshop.

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Edward Tse, SMART Technologies, edwardtse@smarttech.com
Alex Thayer, University of Washington, huevos@uw.edu

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Past Workshops

Edward Tse,
Oct 7, 2011, 4:07 PM