Science Online Video Resources

WatchKnowLearn - free educational videos searchable by subject area, content and age.
COAC (Alberta Video-CoAcquision Consortium) - offers streamed videos with school e-mail login.  Videos are teacher recommended and curriculum aligned.
Science in Seconds - short two-minute video clips covering recent scientific research and discoveries.  Searchable by keyword and general topic area.
National Film Board of Canada - offers a variety of documentaries, films, animations and interactives covering a variety of subjects. Free for personal use, but requires a subscription for school audiences.

Discovery Science online videos, documentaries and scheduled programs about a variety of science related subjects.
TheVisualMD - several short videos and programs covering a variety of aspects of the human body and human health.  Nice anatomical illustrations.  Easy to search.

SchoolTube - offers a variety of online videos recommended and / or created by schools.  Some good examples of potential classroom projects.
Khan Academy - online lessons and tutorials covering a wide range of science topics.
Free Science Videos and Lectures - series of short videos covering a variety of scientific processes and topics.
Nova Beta - provides access to a number of science programs, videos and intereactives.  Searchable by topic and by keyword.
Science Hack - a collection of short science videos covering a multitude of topics, including a "how it is made" section.  Videos are all screened by scientists toverify their accuracy and quality.  Some videos must be watched on YouTube.

SciShow - on YouTube offers engaging and interesting videos about the science of everyday as well as not-so-common things and events.

Crash Course - Follow Hank Greens stimulating discussions about all things biology!
NeoK12 - offfers online instructional videos, time lapse and slow motion videos, quizzes and support materials for most science topics.
Eureka! Science Cartoons - cover a variety of topics in physics and chemistry in an entertaining series of 4-5 minute cartoons.  Available on YouTube
Open Culture - 125 fantastic science videos covering space, astronomy, physics,  biology, chemistry, the environment, phychology and neuroscience.

TedED - engaging animated lessons about a variety of topics, including science and technology, health, thinking and learning and design, engineering and technology.