Science Interactives and Learning Objects

BBC Schools GCSE Bitesize - Interactive tutorials and games that are fun and engaging.  Practice exams and reviews (revisions) also available. Organized according to UK core and additional strands and by science subject area.
Chemistry Animations and Simulations University of Iowa - a number of online animations, simulations and tutorials for chemistry organized by topic.

CurioCity - Interactive web-based meeting space where students can connect to professionals, graduate students and post-secondary students to learn more about science, engineering and technology. Articles, videos and interactive activities can also be found on this site.
DNAI - DNA interactives allow students to explore DNA and manipulate genetic technologies.
Edheads - interactive activities allow students to engage in problem based learning.  Among the many possible activities, students can perform aortic aneurysm surgery, investigate a car crash or design a better cell phone.
ExploreScience - visualizations ans simulations for science.
HHMI's Click and Learn BioInteractive - Interactive tutorials for higher level biology.
HHMI Virtual labs - Interactive online virtual laboratory experiments.
KCVS - king's Centre for Visualizaions in Science - online interactive visualizations and simulations for Climage Change, Physics, Chemistry and Elementary Science.
LearnAlberta - Online resources that support Alberta's science curriculum.  Include a number of ExploreLearning interactive activities.  Searchable by program of studies.
Learn.Genetics University of Utah - online videos, interactives and virtual labs covering a variety of genetics topics.  (Click and Clone and Mouse Party are excellent!) - Educational interactive games in medicine, physics and chemistry.  Suited for senior high.  (Blood Typing interactive is excellent)
Nova Interactives - videos and interactive tutorials on a vareity of science topics. Some excellent links for junior and senior high.
pHET- Online interactive simulations in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, math and Earth Science. Searchable by tiopic or grade level (elementary, middle school, high school or university).
Skoool - Online activities, revisions, practice exams and interactives.  Based on UK curricula.
VisionLearning - Interactive learning tools covering a variety of science topics in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Earth Science.
WickED - inte4ractive games and activities covering topics in math and science.  Most suited for elementary or junior high school.
WISC- Online - General Education online tutorials and interactives in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Health and Psychology.  Most suitable for senior high.

Wonderville - Access a variety of fun science activities, comics, games and videos in several areas of science and technology.