In Class Science Teaching Resources

The following pages provide brief descriptions and contact links for activities, local and online resources that support science teaching and learning. 
A number of local organizations offer in-class science demonstrations, presentations and hands-on activities covering a variety of science grade levels and topics.  
Many local organizations and institutions offer out of class tours, field trips and guided laboratory activities that support science teaching and learning. 
Have a question, or a topic you want to discuss with a scientist?  Why not bring that person to your classroom using online applications such as Skype, videoconferencing, webinars, etc.  Here is a list of organizations that offer classroom access to researchers and scientists using virtual media.
Many science related videos have been archived, stored and organized on a number of video hosting sites. Videos include short animations, documentaries, science news casts and tutorials.
Online interactive tutorials, investsigations and learning objects.
Short audio and video podcasts to support and promote curiosity and critical thinking in science. 
Key links where you can search and find science-related online resources that support the Alberta Science Programs.
A variety of engaging board, card and puzzle games to practice and review science concepts and ideas.
Videos and online interactives are organized by course and by outcome.  This is an excellent resource for teachers who want to try a "flipped classroom" model, or provide instructional support for students.

Resources to support a variety of performance assessments and case studies.