EIPlatform is a large-scale system accordinged to the blockchain system, which enables directly connecting supporters, companions, gamers, esports followers along with significant perks and also advantage for all parties.


Brand names and also Providers do not recognize the Esport target market and also the market place itself.

Effectiveness from expenditures in the Esports market is lowering.

Small teams, beginning streamers and also competitions from regional value do not acquire access to the budgets from large firms.

Almost all from the marketing budget from Brands is taken by different intermediaries and also companies. A broad portion of the target market doesn't join the progression from Esports directly.


Brands invest up to 17% from sales earnings on marketing. This expenditure item from Brands is undergoing companies and also proceeds gradually developing.

Among the targets from EIP is to switch out companies along with more customized and also efficient straight marketing, facilitating successful straight communication in between Brands and also the target market. Creating from a single EIP system furnished along with artificial intelligence, along with using its very own estimate resources will certainly allow the following:


The principle from the EIP community.

Brand names and also firms will certainly acquire straight access to the esports target market, which ultimately will certainly have the option to join the progression from esports. The EIP community accordinged to artificial intelligence will certainly allow to identify and also categorize the individual actions from market attendees, will certainly allow to assess the complex communication from these behaviors and also will certainly provide a ready-made answer for each partner on the manner from criteria and also tasks.

Community EIP enhances costs for sponsor by boosting its own effectiveness and also boosting productivity for each partner. Together, the target market will certainly obtain exclusive items and also solutions.

The EIP community will certainly be actually deployed in the most extensive cities from the world along with all needed framework for prosperous function.


Community EIP is adapted to one of the most dynamically developing world market-- the esports market.

For the prosperous launch and also application from the EIP venture, our team organized an ICO. April 10, 2018 the launch from sales from EMP souvenirs. The optimum target from ICO is: 60,000,000 USD. The exact amount of souvenirs will certainly rely on the quantity from investment.

Why is the EIP venture ensured excellence?

1) Openness

EIP involves developing a practical and also accesible business version. All info resides in the general public domain, minimization from risks and also guarantees for potential capitalists.

2) Count on

Companions from our firm is respected and also quite widely known crew in the world from esports-- Crew Realm. The target market of which is about 200 thousand individuals a year. The viewpoint from Crew Realm's attendees is vital in the world from esports.

3) The EIP crew consists of correct specialists in their field. Expert developers, designers, supervisors, marketing professionals.

4) Lifestyle carries out not stand still, it is actually opportunity for change! EIP supposes the production from brand new structures from a style from actions in between supporters, capitalists, firms and also esports target market. Our venture provides a basic system from communication in between the attendees, no more intermediaries.

Why should I get EMP souvenirs?

1) An excellent option for capitalists at ICO EIP to obtain souvenirs among the first and also make on their market value in the future.

2) Buyers could utilize the EMP cryptocurrency inside the developed community to earn payments for items and also solutions along with the possibility from more participation in the progression from esports.

3) An opportunity for capitalists to aquire more EMP souvenirs along with a 50% rebate during the sealed purchase duration and also inevitably to make even more.

Today you could end up being a portion of a sizable community from the future!