The EIPE library is a small collection of around 500 books in the philosophy and history of economics intended to supplement the main university library's resources for students and staff at EIPE. It is a zero budget library supported by donations (gratefully received!).

The library is in office H4-25 and is open while the librarian is present (most days during office hours) or by special arrangement. The current librarian is
Philippe Verreault-Julien [pvjulien-at-gmail.com]

See here for the (searchable) catalogue.

See here for the library rules.

Recent donations

31 July 2012 - Thanks to Thomas Wells for his very generous donation of 12 books!

14 October - Thanks to Julian Reiss for The Methodology of Positive Economics: reflections on the Milton Friedman legacy ed. Uskali Mäki

27 August - Thanks to
René Lazcano for his further extremely generous donation of 26 books (including several Spanish language editions of standard texts)

9 August - Thanks to René Lazcano for 4 books

17 March - Thanks to Caterina Marchionni for 7 books.

8 February - Thanks to Ingrid Robeyns for 'Handbook of Economics and Ethics' (ed.
Peil & van Staveren) and 'Measuring Justice' (ed. Brighouse & Robeyns)

21 June - Thanks to Tyler DesRoches for Simon Blackburn's 'Ruling Passions' and Jon Elster's 'Nuts and Bolts'

10 June - Thanks to Roger Backhouse for 12 books including several of his own authored and edited volumes.