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(continued from Front Page - Aricoin)

I must confess that I’m a somewhat frustrated Internet merchant, or more accurately, potential Internet merchant. I’ve at times attempted to sell products–high quality products I truly believed in. I did fine as long as people were willing to pay in cash. But accepting credit cards was a completely different story. From the monthly fees just to have the privilege to the per transaction fees which cut into my profits (they always charged the highest for the small timers like me), I could never sustain a business model which accepted credit card payments. Online payment processors were not much better as all the fees were still there. Worst of all, it didn’t work at all if what I had to sell was something which cost a small amount, like a Dollar or less. You do realize that when you use your credit card to pay for a $1.35 candy bar at a convenience store, the store is likely losing money on the deal, right?

But a Dollar, certainly no more than two or three Dollars, is what people are willing to pay just to try something out. If you have the type of product that sells at that price you’re kind of out of luck. There have been a few innovative companies which focused on micropayments, but I’m not sure if it’s truly feasible given the rather large cut traditional financial institutions like to enjoy.

Bitcoin has made it possible to pay anyone in the world a tiny amount on a personal level. I have bought and sold items informally with Bitcoin as the payment token. It has allowed me to as a writer take on international clients without having to deal with the costs of international money transfers. A Bitcoin transaction costs a few cents no matter how large or small it is or how many miles separate the two parties, and that is great news for the small transactions.

But in order to accept Bitcoin payments as a retailer, you still have to go through a payment gateway. Entire companies have formed around processing Bitcoin payments for merchants. Although their cut is much smaller, they do still take their cut. And they can be tricky to integrate. Some payment gateways do accept other alt coins. Although much improved, you haven’t solved the basic problem of having third parties involved in each and every sale.

Until three weeks ago I was not aware of a single cryptocoin which contained a built-in fee-free payment gateway feature. Three weeks ago I discovered Aricoin, which does exactly that. After a few hours of trying to figure out which coin to mine with my Scrypt mining rigs, I noticed this beauty running at nearly 200% the profitability of Litecoin on the Hash-2-Coins multipool and decided to give it a whirl. This led me to seek out further information about the coin.

Aricoin has actually been around since February of this year, and as is customary, came with an announcement on the Bitcoin Forum which included coin specifications and where you could mine it. However, unlike the typical alt coin launch with lots of fanfare followed by a spike in network hash rate followed by an epic dump and price collapse on the exchange from which many coins never recover, this coin “launched” in beta testing mode. It’s not difficult to become a beta tester, but you do have to give it a bit of effort. First you have to provide an email address. Then you get invited to Aricoin’s private forum. In order to gain access to the more interesting part of the forum you have to introduce yourself. But you can’t just throw up a post saying “hi there” with a few smileys. You actually need to share a bit about yourself and how you can contribute to the project. Once you impress the AriCoin team with your introduction, you get invited to become an actual beta tester. You get a link to the online wallet and you can start testing out the features.

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Game Developer Reaches Out

I am here to announce the initial release of

Please note that this game is still in the first stages of public alpha testing.

So what is MyBitMine really? Well, it is a browser based game and Bitcoin faucet at the same time. In short, you control a mine where you actively have to mine for resources. These resources can be used on upgrading your mine, and some resources can be exchanged for Bitcoins. At least that is what this game is going to be. During this public alpha test, you will not be able to exchange your resources for Bitcoins. However, there is 0.1 BTC in prizes to the top 10 players when this test period ends. 

As I mentioned, this game is sort of a Bitcoin faucet where you are able to earn Bitcoins from playing the game. This means the game will rely on advertisement. However, as you can see there is no advertisement currently in place because it is important to first test the mechanics of the game, later more features will be enabled in a public beta test where advertisements are expected.

Alpha Test Huh?
Yes, this game is still very young and undergoing development, but you will be able to help form the future of the game by participating during this test period. The best part is: There are rewards to the top 10 players worth 0.1 BTC in prizes!

So what does this alpha thing mean? Well, it simply means that the game is not finished and things will be changed, added, removed and updated while you are still playing the game. This alpha test will last exactly 1 month and during the alpha test there is a simple score based system which measures how well you are playing and how actively you are playing the game. This score system is used to determine the 10 winners. Keep in mind though, the score system might be altered during the test phase.

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(continued from Front Page - Aidbit) 

With its humanitarian notion, AidBit went one step further. 10% of every block reward goes to special charity account and on the 1st October AidBit successfully completed its first humanitarian project. 

AidBit’s future goal is to form a transparent humanitarian network that will join various humanitarian organizations and their projects and offer the humanitarian organizations a new means of collecting the funds. Individuals and organizations, willing to donate, will get a simple and transparent means of selecting and funding the particular humanitarian organization or project. 

 - Hybrid POW/POS design
 - Secure and energy efficient encryption algorithm (Groestl) – 50% less energy consumption, 30% lower temperature
 - Efficient CPU/GPU mining
 - Dynamic difficulty based block reward (scaling factor on 12 month periods)
 - Block generation: 1 minute (POW)/10 minutes (POS)
10% of each block reward goes to a special charity account
 - Stake minimum age: 7 days, stake annual interest: (1st year: 20%, 2nd year: 10%, 3d year: 5%, from 4th year: 3%)

Block Explorer:     

Zeitcoin Rising From The Depths Of Destruction

In this uncertain world of cryptocurrency stands a strong community -- the Zeitcoin community, who has fought back from the depths of destruction. 

Although the idea of associating Zeitcoin with the Zeitgeist movement has mostly fallen to the wayside (due in no small part to TZM’s inherent distrust of any financial system, including cryptocurrency), the Zeitcoin community is still holding on to many of the basic tenants of TZM. Chief among those is our desire to make this coin readily available and fairly distributable to the masses.

With Bitcoins 21 million coin total supply, the king of cryptocurrency will never be readily available and equitably distributable to the masses. Already there are a select few bagholders who posses the bulk of the current supply (sounds awfully familiar, doesn’t it?) and associated wealth. Zeitcoin will have a 90 billion coin total supply, making it much more fairly distributable, and with it’s current low price, easily obtained.

Another advantage that Zeitcoin has is the fact that it is fully POS (Proof-of-Stake) at this time. Not only is this much more environmentally-friendly, but with an impressive 25% annual stake in the first year, it is a great long-term investment coin.

Zeitcoin has an ever-growing and loyal community of supporters/investors who are dedicated to its success.  Our dev team has been tirelessly working to continually improve our wallet and blockchain functionality.

Although, it has not always been all fun and games, I can safely say that this coin has weathered several storms and has kept right on truckin’. To date, we have survived numerous pump and dumps by anonymous whales, who decended on us immediately after release, looking solely for a quick profit. We survived the original dev dropping out on us. The community refused to see this coin die, and a select few loyal supporters stepped up to fill his role… and then some!  We survived getting removed from the BTC markets on most of the exchanges where we were/are listed (again, complements of the pump and dump whales getting their profits and then crashing and holding our value down). We survived the CryptoRush issue. For anyone not familiar with it, there was an “issue” with CryptoRush “losing” millions of Zeitcoin due to what they claimed was our dev pushing out an update without informing them first. However, not long after, the same thing happened to Blackcoin, and it became known that the issue with BC and Zeit both were at fault with CryptoRush. And of course, we have survived many annoying, troublesome trolls whose sole purposes in life was to attempt to label Zeit as a pump and dump scam. Well, we certainly proved them wrong!

If all of that isn’t a true testament of the resilience of this coin and the devotion of the community still standing behind it, then I don’t know what is!

Now is the time to act! Go to or or right now and invest in Zeitcoin. Invest in your future!

More information can be found on bitcointalk at:

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(continued from Front Page - The Biology of Crypto-Currency

Again and again, Evolutionary Biology proves to us that decentralized systems are a wonderful place to be, living in peaceful cooperation. Like ancient bacteria for example: they coexisted for two billion years on earth. Six to ten thousand year old cities have been excavated with no defensive walls having been found: a complete cooperative design for a peaceful community. And let’s not forget that these types of societal structures support less energy consumption.

Life is really a decentralized open system; it gets rid of waste all the time for it's own survival. Crypto-currency is no different. The current financial system has been stagnating for the last 35 years. Decentralized information like Crypto-currency is speeding around the globe seamlessly and without borders, now it's time to move on, rediscovering the ancient wisdom of true communal living. Today, the trance state of kingship is crashing its dark wings. No borders can ever prevail the decentralized digital light. Cryptographic technology brings us programmable trust. A free economy has been born. Welcome to the world of cooperation! Bitcoin Rush cannot be happier to be part of this amazing community, a true hundred trillion cells experience, indeed.

Support here: Twitter@Bitcoin_Rush

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FREE Armis Games For Libraries Worldwide

This is a crowd funding project is created to fund an initiative that would fund the purchase and delivery of one Armis board game to every public library that has a game room and wants the game.

The cost of each game is $35 the average shipping cost is $15. As such the total cost per game is expected to be $50 to any library in the world.

To learn more about Armis visit

The Campaign Is here:

Critical Thinking With Armis

Strategy games rely on a player’s mental capacity to outwit his opponent, this differs from most other games that primarily rely on luck (roll of the dice, and/or pick of a card) to win. Brain games are often distinguished from strategy games in that they focus on static information you may know, and how fast you process it. Strategy board games are affectionately called brain games because they are often accompanied by lots and lots of meaningful thinking.

Checkers, and warri (also called mancala) are perhaps the most basic of strategy board games, these games are played more for fun than competition so they don’t often get to enjoy the ‘strategy game’ cache. In both games all of the individual player pieces essentially have the same power, duty, and movement ability.

The board game called “Go” is very similar to checkers and warri in the power, duty, and movement ability categories, however it is often played competitively as such it is often called a strategy board game.

Chess is the most well known of all strategy board games. In our opinion it rises above the previously mentioned games in that various player pieces have different powers, duties, and movement abilities, these differences add a layer of complexity to the game.

Armis is the newest member of the strategy board game family, it is distinguished from the others in many ways, so much so that we believe Armis is the first HIGH strategy board game. Here are some major distinguishing characteristics:

1) an asymmetric game board,

2) 5 different environments (land, air, coastal waters, deep surface waters, and deep submerged waters)

3) some pieces have conditional powers,

4) identical not mirrored (your right hand in the mirror is your reflection’s left hand) setup


5) there are over a million ways to properly setup

Armis was created in the USA for brain game enthusiasts worldwide, it is currently played online in over 140 countries. Some say playing Armis is like playing Chess, Checkers, Risk, and Stratego all at the same time.

Critical Thinking For Children

Armis is enjoyed by thinkers of all ages; the Armis for Schools Worldwide program uses Armis to help students to develop critical thinking skills at many schools around the world. 

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