Einstein CSA

Einstein CSA is one of several community supported agriculture programs in New York City  that bring affordable, healthy, organic produce to urban residents. CSAs are a wonderful way for city dwellers to stay connected to the land and help small organic farmers keep doing what they do best. CSAs are great for the environment because eating locally means your food didn't have to travel hundreds or thousands of miles to get to you, and organic farming is much better for the environment than conventional farming. It is a great way to eat healthy, connect to the community, and support local, organic farmers. 
Einstein Summer CSA 2014: The Basics

Einstein Summer CSA 2014: The Basics

This video will give you basic information about Einstein Winter CSA 2013. We ask that all of our Winter 2013 Shareholders view it. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email us at einsteincsa@phd.einstein.yu.edu.
How does it work?
A group of people in the Einstein community comes together, and with the help of Just Food, a local non-profit who helps pair community members with local farms, finds a local farmer who wants to supply us with organic produce and other food during the growing season. Each member of the group pays a fee for a 'share' of the CSA. This money goes to the local farmer, and a small administration fee goes to Just Food for helping us organize our CSA and connect us with the farm.
You become a member of the Einstein CSA by signing up and paying for a minimum of a single vegetable share (which you may split with a friend, use our Find a Share Partner document if you need help finding someone to split the share with).
Summer CSA: Every week between mid-June and mid-November (22 weeks) the farm will deliver fresh organic produce, fruit, and other items to the Einstein campus, and as a member, you can pick up your share of fresh organic produce from our distribution site on campus. For information about the Winter CSA, please visit out Winter CSA page.
As a member you are required to work two 2-hour shifts helping out at the distribution site during the season. You can also contribute to our newsletter and help organize events such as pot lucks. Left over food that is not picked up gets donated to a local soup kitchen or shelter.
This experience not only provides you with access to fresh, organic produce, but it also enables you to support local sustainable farming. CSA is an important business model for small organic farms, as it provides a steady, reliable income for the farm and is vital to helping keep their business going. Part of joining a CSA means understanding that there are risks involved in the agriculture business, and being willing to take a smaller share or less produce from time to time if the farm is affected by flooding or other adverse weather conditions. These things can have a great impact on the business of a farm, but this can be mitigated with the support of a CSA.
Please check out our FAQs for more information.
What is a CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture is a cooperative of community members committed to bringing seasonal, local, organic produce to the Einstein community. During the harvest season, which runs approximately mid-June through mid-November, we receive and distribute a weekly delivery of freshly harvested produce on the campus of Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Read more about community supported agriculture on the Just Food website.

About the Farm
We partner with Zaid Kurdieh of NOFA-NY certified Norwich Meadows Farm which has locations in Norwich, New York, approximately 3.5 hours north of New York City and Lebanon, New Jersey, approximately 1.5 hours southwest of New York City.

What's new?
Check out our weekly newsletter for recipes to help you use your produce wisely and tastefully, information on upcoming events, and other information about Einstein CSA.

Where is the distribution site?

Our distribution site is located in the Einstein housing courtyard, in front of the 1935 Eastchester Rd. building, near the parking structure. Summer CSA 2013 pick up is on Thursday afternoons from 3-7PM.