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(last update April 18, 2012)

The E20 Report has been released!

"From the Classroom to Washington:

Einsteins on Education Reform"



The Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellowship Program 20th Anniversary Summit (E20) brought the wisdom of practice from over 170 Einstein Fellows to inform the current STEM education discussion.

The E20 Summit was planned through a collaboration of former and current Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellows in conjunction with the Department of Energy and the Triangle Coalition. To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Einstein Fellowship Program, a workshop conference was held from June 27-30, 2010 in Washington, DC. Over 80 Fellows were in attendance, representing almost every group from the first in 1990 to the incoming cohort of 2010.


The Albert Einstein Fellowship 20th Anniversary Summit represents the first time this professional body of STEM educators assembled in one place. We anticipate that the combined experience and knowledge of Einstein Fellows at the E20 Summit will greatly benefit federal and state agencies involved in STEM education and policy, STEM professional organizations, and K-12 STEM education in general.

The longevity of the Einstein Fellowship Program, and its concurrent growth, reconfirms that STEM teachers need to play an integral part in the national conversation.

The E20 Summit taps into two decades worth of knowledge and experience of nearly 200 Fellows by bringing them together in Washington, DC to:

  • Produce and disseminate a formal report of the E20 Summit proceedings featuring a compilation of the Einstein Fellows experiential-based recommendations for informing and improving STEM
  • Demonstrate the importance of including teachers in STEM education policy discussions and program development
  • Strengthen the significant Einstein Fellowship network
  • Promote the unique and valuable capabilities of the Einstein Fellows, and other nationally recognized teachers, to national, state and local STEM education stakeholdersĀ 
  • Illustrate the efficacy of the Einstein Fellowship program as a best practice of STEM teacher inclusion and professional development model for STEM educators
  • Recognize the accomplishments of Einstein Fellows and their contributions to policy, programs and the advancement of K-12 STEM education

The E20 Summit website is developed to support E20 Planning Group as a means to disseminate information about the Summit. It is not a product of, nor should be construed as representing, any agency.