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Setting Up Automatic Translation

At the time of the release of the template, Google Sites and Google Translate have not been integrated. In the future, it may be easier to incorporate automatic translation. For now, here's how you can do it
  • Go to Google Translate to see the languages available for automatic translation (currently more than 50)
  • Select the languages you would like to make your site available in through automatic translation, and add them to the header. Google Translate can be used to translate the language names.
  • Then put your site's URL into the translate box at Google Translate, select English and the language you wish to translate to, and click Translate
  • You will be taken to a translation of your home page. Copy the URL of this translated page, and link to this URL from the corresponding language on your home page. Then whenever someone clicks on the link, Google Translate will translate whatever content is in your site at the time the link is clicked.
  • You can add text that will appear when the cursor hovers over the link by editing the HTML and using the title attribute of the <a> tag, for example: title="Traducción por computadora (Computer translation into Spanish)"
The example site has automatic translation set up.