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Editing Sidebar

To edit the site sidebar
  • Sign in with a Google account that has owner privileges over the site, either from the Google home page or with the Sign in button in bottom left corner of your site pages
  • At the bottom of the sidebar click Edit sidebar
  • The template comes with two Navigation boxs and a Text boxe
  • You can edit any of these boxes by simply clicking its edit button
Top navigation box
  • You can add a page to Navigation box by clicking Add page and then select the page you wish to add
  • You can position the pages in the Navigation box using the arrows on the right
  • You can delete a page from the Navigation box using the X on the right
Text box (hotline, questions and comments, email, posts, Twitter)
  • You can keep, delete, or edit these lines as you wish
  • If you wish to allow email questions or comments, click on this line, and in the resulting box click Change to enter the appropriate email address and subject line
    • To manage questions and comments you may wish to set up a Google Group, which can be used to archive the questions and comments, and to automatically forward them to a list of people
  • If you wish to add a new line with a link icon, first insert the image, and then look at the HTML to see what was done for the email, posts, and Twitter icons
Bottom navigation box (cities)
  • When you add a city to your site, add it to the bottom navigation box by clicking Add page and then select the city's page
  • You can position the city in alphabetical order using the arrows on the right