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Ways to alleviate stress

1. Walking – A little fresh air everyday does a body good, especially in a day when we tend to spend less and less time outside. Walking is one of the most natural motions and a low impact exercise. It is also a great time to clear your head.

2. Writing – It has been proven that writing is a very therapeutic practice. It is a great way to take all of those thoughts that start to cloud your head and get them out. It’s amazing how when you write down ideas how well you can solve some of your problems or even plan your work.

3. Exercise – It is known that during exercise hormones are released that help us to focus and bring us more balance. Those that exercise regularly also take away the benefit of a strong immune system. Just the idea of that alone soothes my mind.

4. Focused Breathing – Focused and intentional breathing can help to clear the mind and bring tranquility. It can quiet the mind and clear your mind of distractions. For more on the power of breathing check this out (The Art and Science of Breathing)

5. Laughing – Ever heard laughter is the best medicine? It truly is. Laughing or just being light hearted is a great way to keep your stress levels low.

6. Music – Listening, singing or dancing to music is a great way to relieve stress.

7. Eating Well – Eating is a very important part of our health, and it can either be fuel for our bodies or something else that needs to be cleared out of it. As tempting as fast food is, it lacks nutritional density. A great practice is planning your meals and committing to cooking at least 1 – 2 days a week. Once you get in the practice of that, try to make larger meals and freeze them on the weekends so you can have a home cooked meal for work.

8. Meditation – While to some this may seem intimidating to others it is a great way to limit stress. In all honesty meditation can be as simple as sitting in a quiet space, taking a few deep breaths, and letting your attention turn inward.

9. Being Creative – The act of creating is a natural process that we tend to forget about living in this rat race. It is a great form of expression and it helps to maintain good mental elasticity. A flexible, open and adaptable mind is a healthy mind. Being speak your mind keeps you from becoming emotionally constipated.

Quiet time – While it might seem as though I’m talking about getting away from people, I’m not. While that can definitely be a part of your stress, I’m referring to silencing that electric hum that we have acquired in recent years. While you may not consider the television, computer or cell phone a stress inducing device, they do provide a different type of stress to the body. Whether you believe we were created or evolved either way we have sensory organs. These organs are what we use to navigate through the world; more specifically I will be focusing on the eyes, ears, and hands. Our eyes were designed to allow us to see and to focus; the stimuli provided by continuous hours of watching screens (cell, computer, tv, etc.) can easily contribute to over-stimulation. Our ears were designed to pick up sonic data in all directions constantly receiving. Now if you have a phone or headset constantly in your ears, you are preventing your body from working the way it is supposed to limiting your receptive capabilities. Our technology also requires repetitive use of your thumbs and your hands were made to do so much more. I make all of those points to say this. Spending 15 – 30 minutes a day in silence is a great way to recharge the batteries. When you sleep at night try to do it in a room with no electronic devices on or too near by.


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