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Elmhurst Music Boosters (“EMB") is a parent organization established to support the development of the District 205 music students in grades four through eight.  Founded in 1978, EMB works in cooperation with the district’s music staff to provide young musicians with an enriching and rewarding musical experience.

EMB raises money for music scholarships for deserving band, orchestra and choir students as well as providing financial aid to students in need of assistance.  An annual social event is provided as a way of rewarding students for their hard work and dedication.

EMB raises money through dues from patrons, donations, and fundraisers.  New patrons are welcome at anytime by accessing the District 205 Webstore to join. Questions regarding your EMB membership status? Please e-mail EMB.

EMB provides a vehicle for parents to become involved in the music education provided by District 205. Members of the EMB Board meet to discuss ways in which to enrich programs and provide support to both students and staff.  Parents often chaperone performances as well as EMB sponsored events. 

We're excited for another year of great performances! See our newsletter below or click here for upcoming events and information!

We are "dreaming grand" at YMB with the launch of a joint fundraising project with Elmhurst Music Boosters. Our goal is to help raise funds for a new professional, concert-worthy piano in the York auditorium. The current piano is more than 100 years old and considered well past its usable life and beyond repair. Click here to learn more about "Dream Grand"!