SOUP - Sweet Potato & Rocket

Sweet Potato and Rocket Soup
1 Onion
2 Carrots
2 Sticks Celery
1/4 Turnip
2 lb Sweet Potato
2 litre Water approximately
Marigold Organic Stock Powder (made up in the two litres water)
50g Rocket
Peel and chop all vegetables and cook in water till tender, with 1/4 of the Rocket.
Add remaining Rocket just before using the wand liquidiser.
This is a beautiful golden soup with little flecks of dark green - tastes delicious!  The Rocket creates a balance with the sweetness of the potatoes, if you miss out this ingredient be sure to find something a little sharp to replace it with.
The idea for this recipe is taken from a book I bought from Books and Beans in Belmont Street, Aberdeen, UK called There's a Bairn in My Broth.

NOTE:  I sometimes like to make a more nutritiously complete soup - I do this by adding 1 cup of orange lentils right at the start and they cook in nicely with the veggies.

This soup has been made many times and it always turns out good!  It also freezes well, of course!