Savoury Clafoutis

Savoury Clafoutis
Recipe -  for one person

2 Eggs medium to large,
    measure in a jug and an equal amount of milk
4 fluid ounces Milk, depending on the mount of egg used
    Or Alpro Original Soya Milk fresh
Optional: I like a touch of Vanilla even though this is savoury
Pinch of Salt

1 Beetroot or a half - not pickled - fresh pre-cooked is easiest,                         available at fresh veg counter
Cherry Tomatoes whole - if you don't like beetroot you will need more         tomatoes
A few thin slices of Courgette - I sometimes leave the skin on
A little Butter
Optional: fresh herbs such as Chives and Basil or Spring Onions chopped
Very Simple and Quick to Prepare

This dish in the photo is 5 1/2 inches diameter and 2 1/2 inches deep bought at Pound Land
heated to 200 C fan
Cook cook 10 minutes then turn down the oven to 150 C fan oven
and cook for another half hour until it is just set - or longer in 10 minute increments

Please do not serve immediately, though I know how tempting it is, wait 10-15 minutes 
It is important to let it sit for a while because the juice in the Tomatoes will be very hot indeed



Put the kettle on to boil
Grease small oven proof dish or small pyrex bowl with butter
Cut beetroot into chunks or small cubes and place in dish
Place tomatoes on top so bowl is almost full
Place the sliced courgette in a slightly overlapping top layer
Sprinkle with any assortment of herbs.  I used chives and basil - fresh (*from my freezer)

Whisk eggs, milk, vanilla, salt together and pour it over the filling in the dish.  It just barely quite covers it

TIP:  If the eggs are too small or you add too much milk then it will take much longer to cook
            Measure your eggs in a pyrex jug and add an equal amount of milk

Next - dot thin scrapes of butter on top - optional. 

TIP:  I cut thin scraps of butter and scrape my knife over the edge of the bowl to make it stick there, it will melt
            and find its own way onto the surface.  I find this easier than trying to dot it all over and getting messy.

To Cook
Place your bowl of prepared Clafoutis inside a larger dish and pour very hot water into the larger dish so the bowl is surrounded by water to about half way up.  This slows the cooking, otherwise the inside will be runny and the outside over-cooked.  Carefully place in oven.

Or place a large dish in the oven with the bowl inside then pour in the water carefully.
You must choose which method is the safest

Check to see if it is cooked by sliding a table knife into the egg, first near the edge then in the centre - you will see the difference in texture, if it isn't cooked it will be liquid in the centre (or all over)

*from my freezer
It is very easy to buy fresh herbs and stripping the leaves, place in plastic bag and freeze - the leaves must be dry.  To use, just take out the amount you need. 

Or you can spread them onto a tray or chopping board till frozen then place in a bag.  Will keep well for a good few weeks - so there is no wastage.