BREAD-Fruit Bread

Fruit Bread or Cake Bread

This recipe needs a Breadmaker with a Gluten Free Setting - mine is Panasonic
bought from Lakeland in Union Street, Aberdeen
The Story of How it Came to Pass
It was suggested by a close friend that we have lunch in The Beautiful Mountain on Belmont Street.   I ordered Scrambled Eggs with Gluten Free Bread.  When it arrived I thought the waiter must have made a mistake and given me the wrong bread - this was nothing like I had eaten before - it was so soft.  I asked for the recipe and he explained it was on the back of the Doves Farm Gluten Free Brown Bread Flour, explaining that it was for a bread maker.  In less than seven days I had seen the breadmaker machine with a gluten free setting, bought it, and while taking it home thought to myself, "I hope I'm not wasting all that money, on the strength of one serving of bread."  I wasn't.  It was divine.  A girlfriend had stayed over with me that evening and when the bread was ready we had our first taste - with homemade jam of course - I hadn't eaten homemade  bread for several years.  We giggled as we stood there in our pyjamas tasting this gorgeous, wonderful jam and bread!  I'll never forget that moment.  Never before had jam and bread tasted so good!
This Fruit Bread recipe started out as brown bread - recipe off the pack of Doves Farm Wholemeal Gluten Free Bread Flour then I decided to make some changes as I wanted a fruit loaf with healthy ingredients and not have to add sugar to sweeten it - only enough to feed the yeast.  It turned out to be so good that one of my friends always asks me to make a loaf for her on her birthday - she calls it cake bread!  She also dresses it up with candles, so she can make a wish.  There's nothing wrong with being eccentric, all my best friends are.
The finest ingredients are needed to make the finest bread.  The dried fruit is bought at the International Market held around every three months in Aberdeen.  The fruit is full of flavour and is larger, plumper and more moist than supermarket varieties.  The flours are Doves Farm, and they all are made from naturally gluten free ingredients.
   Doves Farm Organic Wholemeal Bread Flour 1.5kg                  Product image showing Pure Coconut Oil            Product Image For <br />Golden Linseed      
           Doves Farm Quick Yeast for all bread baking straight from the pack  
3 oz White Bread Flour Gluten Free
9 oz Brown Bread Flour Gluten Free
2 oz Buckwheat Flour (or an extra 1 oz each of brown and white Bread Flour)
1 oz Linseed Ground
1 oz Sesame Seeds Ground
1 oz Coconut Milk powder
2 level Tablespoons Sugar
1 slightly rounded Tablespoon Salt (Maldon)
1  1/2 level teaspoons Quick Yeast, Doves Farm
1 rounded teaspoon Cinnamon
3 oz Pure Coconut Oil,
(Holland and Barrett are the only outlet for this high grade oil £12 for 16 oz tub Feb 2010. 
It actually smells of coconut but is white and solid in cool weather.  Not too highly refined.  Or you can buy for under £2 but it is highly refined and has no smell or taste.)
10 fluid oz (1/2 pint) milk skimmed semi or full cream is up to you - I use semi which is past its best before date
3 oz approx. of grated courgette (zuccini)
2 Large Organic Free Range Eggs (M & S)
1 Tablespoon Wine Vinegar (not malt)
1 teaspoon vanilla extract - not  vanilla flavouring
120 g mixed Dried Fruit - goji berries, black sour cherries, dried strawberries,    cranberries, raisins
  1. Mix together all dry ingredients - stir with balloon whisk if you have one
  2. Soften coconut oil in microwave, or gently in a pan - rub oil into dry ingredients finely
  3. Mix in dried fruit
Make sure all your preparation is completed at this point before going further - have cooking pan beside you ready to cook the mix immediately it is ready.

    4.    Whisk eggs into milk and add other wet ingredients

    5.    Mix wet ingredients into dry ingredients and spoon into breadmaker container
    6.    Settings: Gluten Free, Dark Crust.   My own machine takes two hours
This bread is best eaten while still warm - even if it is only slightly warm.  If you freeze it (sliced), defrost and slightly warm before serving.
Bon apetite!