Chicken Casserole


Simple and easy for new cooks.   
About 6 skinned and boned fresh Chicken Thighs
1 large onion sliced
500g Chantenay (small) carrots
1 Sweet Potato - peeled and cut in chunks
250-300g  Head of Broccoli - the stalk chopped into small pieces.  Head cut into florets.
Other vegetables are optional such as peas, green beans, sweet peppers sliced
About 2 Pints of vegetable stock. I use Marigold Organic powder
A little Olive Oil for cooking with
Gently heat your pan
Olive oil to thoroughly grease the bottom of a large pan
Spread the sliced onions over the bottom of the pan
Place the chicken thighs around the pan, sitting them on top of the onions - I usually cut off any fat with scissors
Sprinkle the chopped stalk of the Broccoli into the pan (or freeze them for soup making)
Add the Sweet Potato pieces and chunks of carrot
Now add the other vegetables such as parsnips cut lengthways in half, green beans or peas
Add Vegetable Stock
Carefully place the florets of broccoli around the pan with stems going into the liquid and flower head uppermost
 not into the liquid
Top up with a little more stock if needed
Cover with lid slightly tipped.  Broccoli will cook in the steam
Once all the vegetables are cooked the chicken will also be cooked
To increase the carbohydrate content (for energetic people) add small potatoes along with the sweet potato
Bring to the boil then simmer about 40 minutes until veg is tender
This recipe needs a large pan so use fewer carrots if your pan is too small
NOTE:    you may prefer to thicken the stock - a little cornflour mixed to a paste with 
                    water, stirring as you add it, then bring back to the boil for a few seconds