PANCAKES-Buckwheat (crispy)

 Buckwheat Pancakes (crispy)

A friend took me to Kilau in Aberdeen.  She said, "You must try the buckwheat pancakes (gluten free) they are delicious".  Yes, so very delicious that I bought a bag of buckwheat flour and started practicing.  The secret to crispy and thin pancakes is a hot pan and runny batter.  Buckwheat is naturally sweet tasting.
1/3 Cup Buckwheat Flour
1/3 Cup Water + extra
pinch Salt - optional
  1. Whisk together to form runny batter
  2. Lightly oil a hot frying pan and pour batter into pan, spreading it quickly - the back of a spoon often helps.
  3. When only very lightly coloured on both sides and very crispy, they are done. 
  4. Keep warm while you cook the next one.
Serve with either sweet or savoury foods - or have them cooked for you at Kilau.