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Medicinal Recipe for making Licquorice Extract
Licquorice in shops has had the most active part of it removed - unless you buy licquorice root.  As childen we would be able to buy just one piece and chew it for most of the day, having picked off the bitter bark so we were left with the sweetness of the licquorice.
Medicinally it is good for coughs and congestion also if you are run down and have been under a lot of strain, have low blood pressure perhaps then this can help on a short term basis. 
 Licquorice can be taken long term with regular breaks in useage but before embarking on anything serious it is best to read up about it, and make yourself aware of the symptoms to watch out for, some of which are swollen ankles and/or legs if one uses large amounts, or in suseptible individuals.  Stop taking it at once and the body should return to normal.  But please do read up yourself on the symptoms, etc.
Here is a link which gives lots of info as well as dire warnings, but you won't be using 7 ozs a day every day as one woman did, making herself very ill.
I used 100g of licquorice roots - twigs with bark on them
Boil for a few minutes, then put a lid on the pan and leave till the next day.
Bring to the boil again and boil gently for about 20 minutes.
Strain off the liquid then add more water to the roots and boil again 20 minutes.
Strain the roots and throw them away, just keeping both lots of liquid - you want this to measure approximately 250 mls so if it is more ccontinue to boil until it reduces further.
I added a splash of cheapo brandy to help preserve it and stored it in glass container in fridge.
I take 1 desertspoonsful with breakfast and again at lunch.  If it's for a cough another one or two doses would be needed - try one teaspoon several times daily and see if that helps.