Ice Cream - Green & Black's Vanilla

Green & Black's Vanilla Ice Cream
No churning - no machine needed
INGREDIENTS - easy for beginners
15g Green & Black's White Organic Chocolate - made with Madagascan vanilla, 30% Cocoa
1/8th Vanilla Pod
1 Tablespoon Semi Skimmed Milk
1/8 Cup of Icing Sugar
1/3 Cup Double Cream
METHOD -an electric whisk is not essential as a 
                     balloon whisk will do it quite easily
Put the chocolate in a good size mixing bowl and sit this in a bowl of very hot water - let it stand while you prepare the other ingredients.
NOTE: if you don't have scales - three of the
             tiny squares of chocolate = 10g so you need 4+1/2 squares
Cut Vanilla Pod lengthways and open up to scrape out the tiny seeds - be sure to get them all.  The pod has little flavour, it's all in the seeds (pulp).  This pulp can be put in the bowl with the chocolate while it melts.
Into a jug or smaller bowl measure in the milk, add icing sugar and give it a bit of a whisk then add the cream, again give it a bit of a whisk, just enough to mix it all together.  We don't want the cream to thicken yet.
Check to see that the chocolate has melted, bring the bowl across and place it on a towel (to keep the bowl warm a little longer). 
Pour a tiny bit of the cream mixture into the melted chocolate and whisk immediately and thoroughly, then add a little more and whisk thoroughly again.   Once there is enough cream mixed in for it to be runny then you can place the bowl on the cold worktop as we want it to be cool.  Pour the rest of the cream in quite quickly and whisk thoroughly until it thickens.  Just a bit too thick for comfortable pouring - you can see the marks from the whisk.
Pour/spoon it into a container with a lid and freeze.  But do have a little taste!
I really like this recipe.  It is strong vanilla, which I like - pods are always nicer than flavouring.  Eventually it will become firm, if you haven't eaten it all first.
This is Very rich so only a tiny portion - make this amount for two very small helpings or you might feel a little queasy afterwards. 
I really love the taste - a simple richness of flavour.
December 2010