Ice Cream - Pomegranate

Pomegranate Ice Cream
Simple and Easy for new cooks
This ice cream recipe is taken from Nigella Kitchen, BBC November 2010.  I reduced the recipe from 8 portions to 2 portions.  I think it needs to be served with Pomegranates sprinkled over it for flavour.
Pomegranate Juice      45ml or  3 Tablespoons
Lime Juice                    15ml or 1 Tablespoon
Icing Sugar                   90ml or 1/4 Cup + 1/8 Cup
Double Cream              125ml or 1/2 Cup
You might like to watch this short video
This makes 2 servings
Into a large bowl measure in the Pomegranate Juice and the Lime Juice, add the Icing Sugar and stir well until it dissolves - perhaps use the electric whisk to get rid of all the lumps.
Add Cream and whisk thoroughly until it forms soft peaks.
Pour into airtight container and freeze for between 4 - 24 hours.