Ice Cream - Chocolate & Baileys

Based on Nigella's recipes for no churn ice cream .  You can see her site at
 No Churn - Chocolate & Baileys Ice Cream
10 g Green & BLacks  Organic Dark Chocolate - 70%
2 Level Tablespoons Green & Blacks Organic Drinking Chocolate
1 Tablespoon Water - Boiling in the Kettle
1/8th Cup of Icing Sugar
1/8th Cup of  Baileys Original
1/3rd Cup of Fresh Double Cream
Makes approximately 2 scoops
1/8th Cup = 30mls = 2 Level Tablespoons
1/3rd Cup = 80 mls = 5 Level Tablespoons + 1 Level teaspoon
Pour some boiling water into a small pan and rest a small bowl in the water
Add the pieces of chocolate - they should melt with heat the hot water.  If needed the pan can be given a little gentle heat.
Measure Chocolate Drink into a jug or small bowl
Add boiling water and quickly stirr to dissolve
Pour this slowly into the melted chocolate, while whisking
Now remove the chocolate mixture from the hot water bath
Add the icing sugar and stir well.  It should be cool enough to continue.
Add cream and  Baileys and WHISK vigorously. 
A small  electric whisk would be best but a balloon whisk will work too.
Whisk till thick but not solid.  There will be lots of tiny air bubbles in the mixture to create a nice texture and the alcohol, apart from adding flavour, will stop it freezing too solidly. 
Freeze 3-4 hours or overnight in an AIRTIGHT container to avoid it losing the flavour from the Baillys.
To serve - you may prefer it to be very solid or you may prefer to leave it in the fridge for a while before serving so it is softer.  This ice cream will not go runny if it accidentally defrosts as it was a thick consistency before it was frozen.
I don't normally go for flavoured ice-cream but this is such a gorgeous taste and texture.