Chocolate Bites

Chocolate Bites
30g Chocolate Green & Blacks Dark Organic 70% - or other brand
40g Butter
20g Golden Castor Sugar
 1     Large Egg
15g  Ground Almonds
Half a Teaspoon of Vanilla Essence (optional)
12 cases.     These are very small paper cases 
                    which are normally used for sweets.
160oC Fan Oven  cook for 10 or more minutes
This recipe is taken from the TV programme called Charlie's Wonky Chocolate Factory.  His recipe for Forest Chocolate Cake used very expensive chocolate - his own chocolate.
I have  reduced the recipe and used Green & Black's Organic Dark Chocolate as it is cheaper than his. 
These Chocolate Bites are very small as the name implies, just enough to give a nice chocolate after-taste after a lovely meal with friends.  Not so calorific as a huge slice of chocolate cake.
Carefully melt the chocolate and the butter together - it should have a lovely shine - if it goes dull then you have overheated it and it might separate later - cross fingers it's ok.  I put mine in the microwave with a cup of water to absorb some of the energy.  Just short bursts then stir.  Or you could place the bowl over a pan of boiling water, preferably without the bowl touching the water.  Just be careful not to over-heat the chocolate.
Whisk the whole egg until it goes pale and thick - electric whisk is best for this - adding the sugar before the end.
Stir the ground almonds into the chocolate mixture then thoroughly stir all ingredients together.  Using a spoon be sure to lift the melted chocolate and butter so it mixes with the egg, without losing the airiness it gained from whisking.
Pipe mixture into paper cases.  I used a small plastic ziplock bag (a box of them bought from Poundland).  I filled it with the mixture then cut a small hole in one corner and used it like a piping bag - this was an easier way to fill those tiny little cases.
This recipe should fill about 12 cases.  Put plenty in each case as they won't stay risen when you remove them from the oven.  Let the cases be spread out on the tray, if they are too close together they wont be round and plump-looking.
Cook for about 10 minutes or so.  Ovens vary so just try one and see if it looks wet and soggy or airy in the centre when you break it open. 
 So far I have only used this recipe once but I really liked them, and a comment was made by a friend who said, "They are really moist".
Sorry there isn't a photo yet - I ate them too quickly!
November 2010