Whisk Egg White Till Stiff

WHY would anyone want to go to the bother of
whisking an egg white till it goes stiff? 
BECAUSE it adds lots of tiny little air pockets which makes your cake or your Buckwheat Blinis (thick) nice and light and much nicer to eat. 
Sometimes we can use a raising ingredient such as yeast or baking powder, but each raising ingredient creates a different effect on the finished product.  Egg whites are used very effectively as a raising ingredient but only in certain types of recipe.
OVERVIEW - separate the yolk from the white then whisk the white till stiff as follows
Before we can whisk our egg white we first need to separate the egg white from the yolk
Method 1. Separating an Egg 
Break the egg carefully into a small bowl, taking care not to break the yolk (yellow part)
With clean hands carefully lift out the yolk making your fingers into a scoop
Now all you need is to find a bowl to safely put the yolk in - you will most likely be needing this later
YouTube video 
 This video is rather long, you may prefer the next link.
Method 2.  Separating an Egg
Crack your egg and as you begin to break open the shell tip the egg sideways so that the yolk falls into the half shell when you break it open.  The white will run down into the bowl. if you position yourself carefully
Here is a very good video showing how to separate an egg
YouTube Video 
Should disaster strike and the yolk has broken, meaning you can't separate the yolk from the white - do not dispair!
Instead of whisking the egg white you just whisk the whole egg, and whisk and whisk - it takes longer - untill the egg goes pale thick and creamy like salad cream (no not like mayonnaise).  Use this in the place of the egg white
NOTE:    check to see if the recipe calls for an egg yolk, if it does your laughing! 
                 No-one will ever know the difference
SECRET:  the last time this happened to me it turned out even nicer and
         lighter than before - just it's such a pity it takes that bit longer to do
HOW TO:  How to whisk the egg white till stiff
I prefer to use a small hand held electric whisk - it really can be the cheapest you can find because egg white is not heavy to whisk (but your wrist will get tired awfully quickly if you use a balloon whisk)
1.     Gently place the whisk into the egg white and switch it onto a low setting
        at first.
2.     WARNING do not lift the electric whisk out of the egg white until it
        has stopped whisking - it splashes everywhere!
3.     Keep it there and increase the speed till it sounds fast - now just wait and
         you will see the egg white become white and it will increase in volume.
         Increase in volume is nothing to do with sound - it will look as though
        there is much more egg 
4.    If you stop whisking and turn the bowl up-side-down the egg white should
        stay in place - but I don't do that unless I'm making meringues.  If it's for
        a cake or a Buckwheat Blinis (thick) you don't need to be too exact - whisk
         to create soft peaks is fine - here is a video.
YouTube Video