Wholewheat Bread for Friends

Yeast                       1 level teaspoon. 
                                  (If using the Delay Timer setting then put   
                                   yeast in first/ followed by other dry
                                   ingredients, the water goes in last)
Wholemeal Flour        1 lb 1 oz                               }  Mix dry
Sugar                           1+1/2 level teaspoons        }  ingredients
Salt                               1+1/4 level teaspoons        }  together
Butter                           1 oz cut into small pieces  }  rub into dry
                                                                                  }  ingredients 
Water                                Half a pint
Put yeast in bucket of breadmaker.  Mix other dry ingredients together with a balloon whisk or a fork then add the small pieces of butter and 'rub in' with your fingertips.  Place in bucket on top of yeast.
Pour water gently into bucket of breadmaker, on top of flour, etc.
Set breadmaker on - Large Loaf  - Bake  and this will take 5 hours on my Panasonic breadmaker.
When cooked tip out onto a cooling rack and wait half an hour
before slicing.
Beautiful bread for your guests!
Be sure to thoroughly clean the bucket and machine to remove any traces of wheat flour (our poison) before making your next gluten free loaf.
I like to cook the bread when I won't be near the breadmaker and that way I don't get itchy eyes and throat.  Maybe this doesn't apply to everyone.
PS    I used Asda's Wholemeal Organic Bread Flour