No Time to Shop

Suddenly you are faced with having to provide a gluten free meal. 
This needn't be a huge problem.
No Time to go Shopping for Special Foods!
Jacket potato - with a safe topping - read the label on the tin of beans, many are gluten free
(safe to eat if they don't mention wheat, rye or barley and are produced in UK)
Roast chicken thighs with roast vegetables - very easy to make and I find they don't need gravy
Pan fried chicken breast served with salad/vegetables and boiled potatoes/mash
Many chutneys are okay Sharwoods Mango for example
Home made soup is gluten free unless you use flour to thicken it or (broth mix is no good as it contains barley).  Careful if you buy it in
Jelly, fruit and cream
Most yoghurts are okay and can be used instead of cream
I haven't given you very much in the way of ideas, it's just enough to get you thinking - instead of sandwiches and cakes go for fruit veg and meat or beans and lentils and fruit.
Don't be afraid to ask your friend what they can't eat,
even if they end up giving you a long list!
Your friend may be happy to bring their own bread and if they are not happy to do that then you can quite safely assume they don't mind missing out on the bread.  Or they may bring their own gluten free pasta for you to cook.  This makes life much easier.