GLUTEN FREE - friends

Cooking for Friends 

This need not be so difficult as you think because Coeliacs can normally eat
Meat - port, lamb, beef, chicken(not processed such as sausages) 
Fresh fish (before breadcrumbs or batter are added)
Beans, lentils
Nuts and seeds 
Rice and potatoes.
Milk, yoghurt, cream, cheese, eggs
Gravy and sauces and chutney some do contain wheat so ... 
Check the ingredients list - it doesn't always tell you that its Gluten Free
By law it must  tell you if the product contains either wheat, rye, or barley (if it is produced in the UK), so if you don't see those words it is likely to be okay.  I don't take malt vinegar or pickles made with malt vinegar.
Your friend can let you know what they are sensitive to, or just how sensitive they are.  For example many newly diagnosed Coeliacs cannot tolerate dairy products though this usually changes after a year or two on a gluten free diet.  Hard to digest foods may or may not cause a problem - ask!
These can cause a problem for two reasons
One, they could be grown or milled near wheat and be contaminated.
Two, their structure closely resembles that of wheat and the body can mistake it for wheat and causing a bad reaction - ask your friend!
Gluten Free Flours
There are flours which are gluten free.  The ones I use regularly, besides gluten free bread flour (Doves Farm) are:
buckwheat flour (it is not a wheat)
besan (chickpea flour)
rice flour
This is not a definitive list 



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