Tips for Eating Out

If I am invited to a finger buffet then I know there won't be much if anything I can eat - crisps perhaps and a chicken drumstick if I'm lucky.  It is okay to take something with you which only needs to be tipped out onto your paper plate.  
The last finger buffet I went to I took Heinz Beans and Sausage and had it with the crisps.  Ring pull cans are great!
Another time I took Indian Style Pancakes (see recipes) which look a bit like I'm eating a wrap - more discreet.
One Christmas meal I was invited to was held in a private Club.  I offered to take my own meal and deliver it to the kitchen (in cheap plastic containers).   I made food similar to what was on the menu and they heated it and served me at the same time as everyone else.  Which was brilliant as I didn't feel the odd one out.
Be brave and take charge of your food so you don't go hungry.