Eating Out - Aberdeen

Any new finds I will add here:
Always ring ahead if you have been invited to join friends for a meal.  Ask what is available for coeliacs who can't eat gluten.  Quite often what they say over the phone doesn't match what you are offered once you are there - so just repeat what you were told over the phone, till they give you what you were expecting.  It can take a little courage, just do it firmly but quietly.
Three times I have had a very nice lunch at the Blue Moon Indian Restaurant, in Holburn Street, near the Union Street junction. 
Excellent service with a friendly greeting.  
Many dishes are naturally gluten free as they are made with Besan flour.  Top marks for presentation, and the spices are not too hot.  Lunchtime Special - 2 courses £6.95 (This price may have increased since then).  The toilets are spotless and the restaurant is always impeccable.  This will be a regular lunch-spot for me.
Books and Beans, Belmont Street
Gluten free soup and gluten free bread AND a gluten free muffin - very nice.  The coffee is good.
My gluten free friend and I will be going back there again as we did enjoy it.
 April 2010  Mi Amore in 80-82 Huntly Street, Aberdeen. 01224 639198
lunch time special 2 courses £6.95 + coffee £1.80
I was asked what I would like for my main course, what kind of food I liked,etc.  So I answered the question then said, "Surprise me for the main course."  
Starters was gluten free pate made by the chef/owner, it was especially good. 
The main course (was exactly what I said I liked) omelette with mushrooms and onion, served with a large helping of an assortment of diced vegetables (fresh not frozen). 
I was so very full and I wasn't charged extra as so often happens.
The staff were very friendly and understood what I was asking for. 
Even the toilets were nice.   
Excellent, everyone said they enjoyed the food which was tasty but not too rich.  And some voiced that they would like to come back again.
I have since been back there and it wasn't so good, the pasta was very late arriving and was undercooked.
Gluten Free  Pasta is usually stocked at:
         Little Italy in Holburn Street.  Nice cheap homemade food. The last time I ate there I felt ill with Coeliac symptoms.
         Lambarda in the Castlegate.  Under £10 for a main course pasta - prices may have increased since I was last there. 
Silver Darling fish restaurant - it was excellent.
I spoke to the waiter who assured me it is not necessary to phone ahead to say a Coeliac meal is needed as it is always possible to re-arrange items on the menu.
It was so refreshing to feel like a normal diner when I was there.  The service was excellent. 
Two course lunch £15.50 or have a real treat with a three course lunch £19.50 - not cheap but so worth it!  Beautiful presentation with a delightful combination of foods made with really top quality ingredients.  The coffee and the tea were good too.  The portion sizes were modest and meant it was easy to eat all courses without feeling stuffed and unable to move. 
I had only one complaint, the sky was overcast so it wasn't a good day for taking a photo - such lovely views.  After the meal my friend and I enjoyed a gentle stroll along the beach which was a perfect way to end our Easter lunch. 
Kilau in Little Belmont Street serves gluten free soup, and pancakes from buckwheat flour - savoury or sweet. Must try the buckwheat pancakes, they do nice coffee too.  Not expensive.
Rustico in Summer Street, just off Union Street produced a lovely meal but I had to keep asking politely for what I wanted.  Cost £11.95 for a main course and no drinks.  Other visits they weren't so helpful at all.
Chi Restaurant in The Academy, off School Hill
Chinese and Thai food cooked while you wait (not a buffet).  Table set with chop sticks and small bowl unless you ask for a plate with cutlery.
I had Green Thai Chicken curry it was excellent - Thai recipes do not normally contain wheat but still ask to be sure.