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Welcome to my website 

Gluten Free Food

 This site is my way of sharing my own experiences of following a gluten free lifestyle. 
It hasn't always been easy but after over five years I feel alright about it now, very alright in fact.
You get the gist of what the site is about when you look at the headings on the left.  This site is more about helping you to feel empowered rather than feeling you're a sufferer - can do!  Can eat nice stuff, very nice stuff.  
At one time I would find myself getting upset looking at ALL the foods I couldn't eat.  Now I have strategies in place it's fine as I can concentrate on the foods I enjoy.  Now that my health has much improved I feel it is worth it to be well.
EVENTS:  for friends and their friends to come and join in - you don't have to be coeliac
EATING OUT:  Going out for a meal with a Coeliac friend, wondering where to go in Aberdeen.  I have only included the restaurants and places I've visited myself. 
RECIPES:   for those of you who are Coeliac or Gluten intolerant or wheat intolerant, I've included only the wheat and gluten free recipes which I use myself.
Once you get used to the different ingredients it can be fairly easy. 
GLUTEN FREE - friends:  ideas to help you in a hurry without having to study loads of food lists.
If you think you have a problem with gluten it is better to go to your GP and ask for testing - but do this BEFORE you go on a gluten free diet.  WHY! because once you have been on a gluten free diet for a while the blood test will most likely show negative.  You can only get prescription foods if you go through your GP and follow the full procedure and full diagnosis from having a blood test and/or an endoscopy - all the while eating foods which contain gluten (unless told otherwise by your doctor).  If you don't continue to eat gluten your gut may well heal and make it impossible to confirm your condition - no foods on prescription for you. 
Eileens Space does not intend to replace specialist knowledge or to give all knowledge that is available.  The intention is to empower - to get you started by keeping it simple and to help you see that you really can do this. 
Bon apetite!
Regards Eileen
April 2010
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