Dynamic, enthusiastic facilitator brings empowerment-based photography workshops/programs for children and adults to you.

Workshop Overview
-      Original program, based on beliefs that all people have natural gifts in photography, people of all ages learn easiest when their work is applauded and their sense of empowerment builds, and art is an individual experience of self expression.  Encourages people to trust their natural abilities and build their enjoyment and beliefs about their creativity.
-         Relatively nontechnical program, incorporating some simple exercises and discussion/instruction about basic photographic styles and creations.
-         For children as young as six and for adults of all ages.
-         Program is easily adjusted to match the specific needs of group and available time.  Can include photographic image manipulation software, matting techniques, a photography show, and more.  (Past photography shows have been very well received.)
-         Facilitated by Eileen Newman, who developed and has been facilitating, this ever-evolving program since 2000.


Facilitator's (Eileen's) Background

-             Professional photographer of nature/landscape (since 1998).  Focus on
         heartfelt approach to photography, allowing my heart to lead me to an image.
-             Artist/photographer in solo art show in Hillsboro, Oregon (2003).
-             Theater production publicity, wedding, and party photographer.
-             Videographer for numerous field and studio productions.
-             Photographic image creator using manual enlarging equipment and
         computer packages (including Photoshop, Final Cut, and many others).

To arrange for her to facilitate this workshop at your venue, contact

Eileen Newman