Eileen Newman
Entertainer, Filmmaker, & Artist/Photographer


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"From balloons to business, [Eileen Newman] puts her own twists on situations."
- Shirley Dang, The Oregonian (September 25, 2003), p. 10

Filmmaker (Producer/Director)
- Documentaries
- Comedy Short Videos
- Life Histories
- Music and Art Videos
- Instructor - The Art of Video Creation


- Landscape/nature

- Event (wedding, theater production, etc.)

- Photographic Collection (sale items)

- Instructor (since 1999)

Balloon Twister

- Performer


- Facebook Page


"Eileen is an astonishing blend of child like fun, fantasy, playfulness, serious action, creativity and adventure. You can count on Eileen to think out of the box and encourage you to do the same."
- K. G., Newberg, Oregon

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Eileen Newman
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