Eight Two - GG, Misha, Adam, John
The Band
EIGHT TWO - The Band

Misha Bittleston (vocals)
Gerardo Giraldo (guitar)

In 2011 Eight Two started playing live in small venues around New York City and Brooklyn (past shows).

Eight Two is an avant-garde electro/acoustic/punk/folk/acid/art/pop project from Brooklyn New York. Don't be fooled by the fact that their songs are written by their lead singer who claims not to be a musician but a visual artist, the quirky music of Eight Two is beautifully intricate and challenging, requiring some serious musicianship to pull it off.

Eight Two came into existence out of the musical ferment in Brooklyn. Most of the contributors of Eight Two play in multiple projects, have careers in music as producers and are graduates from music colleges such as NYU and The New School. Eight Two is founded on the belief that it has not all been done yet.

At its heart Eight Two is a New York sound, both literally in sampling the sounds of the city such as trains, picnics in the park, waves on dirty beaches and rainy streets, but also as Eight Two put it "the city is our animating force and every day it doesn't kill us...".


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Eight Two

To assert their music as part of the city they love. They will be playing unauthorized, in public spaces around NYC.

Eight Two at Columbus Circle 2012