How to find haunted places

Easy ways to locate haunted places for ghost hunts

Searching for haunted places?  

Here are things to look for:

Electrical interference. You may hear reports of a car radio not working, or picking up a weird signal.  People may complain about their cellphones not working there.  Or, your own electrical equipment--including your digital cameras and other tools--may stop working in that location.

A 'creepy feeling' is how many timid people describe a haunted place.  They don't want to sound stupid or crazy, so that's all they'll admit to.

Orbs or other anomalies in photos.  Orbs in photographs are often the first indication that a site is haunted.  See How to take ghost photos for more information.

Cold spots are odd, usually small areas where the temperature drops 15 or more degrees below ambient temperatures.  Most 'cold spots' are a foot or two tall, wide, and deep, but sometimes an entire room can be inexplicably cold.  Cold spots are rare, but almost always indicate a haunting.

Haunted places are generally easier to locate than you may expect.  Here are my best recommendations:

1.  Start with local folklore.  Almost every town has a ghost story or two.  If you're new to an area or haven't heard local ghost tales, ask.  The public library may have books about hauntings in your area.

2.  Check ghost websites.  The Shadowlands: Ghosts & Hauntings lists thousands of ghost reports, free of charge.  Many of these are rumors, urban legends, and unreliable folklore, but they're a fine place to start.  We have a much smaller list of haunted sites at Hollow Hill.

3. Read the Halloween issues of regional newspapers.  Most town papers run articles about local haunts during Halloween week.  

4. Search Google News for the word 'ghosts' plus the name of your town.  Also, at Hollow Hill - News: Ghosts and Hauntings, we summarize the best ghost headlines weekly, and our information may include earlier reports than what's cached at news sites.  

5. Ask people.  You'll be surprised at how many people have a good ghost story to share.  The police are often the best resource; they know what's a hoax or a prank, and what's unexplained.

6. Visit classic sites for hauntings.  Most older cemeteries have ghost stories.  Battlefields are 'sure things' for hauntings.  Almost every college has ghosts.  Theatres--the kinds with stage plays--usually have at least two ghosts; one is a stagehand, and the other is a mysterious visitor who watches rehearsals from the back of the hall.

7. Follow your 'gut feeling'.  Is there a location that's intrigued you, and feels 'haunted' to you?  If it's open to the public, check it out.  That's how we discover unreported haunted sites at Hollow Hill.

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