Ghosts and Ghost Hunting

Basic information for new ghost hunters - Definitions, how-to information, original articles, and free resources

Ghost hunting is a popular hobby.  It can be both fun and meaningful if you approach it with a healthy attitude.

A few definitions:

Ghosts appear to be spirits of people who've lived on earth in the past. 

Ghost hunters are people who go looking for ghosts in places that are haunted.   

Ghost hunts are investigations to determine if a location is  haunted.

[Note: The photo above is an unretouched 'ghost photo' taken during a NH ghost hunt.]

New ghost hunters are often impressed--and sometimes intimidated--by TV shows, ghost websites, and so-called 'ghost experts'.  The purpose of these webpages is to demystify ghost hunting so that you can try it yourself.

There are just a few ghost hunting rules: 

1. Never go ghost hunting alone, or meet a stranger in an isolated spot.

2. Don't be afraid of ghosts.  Most ghosts are weak and harmless. 

3. Observe the laws, use common sense, and never trespass when ghost hunting.  If you are asked to leave, do so immediately.

4. Ghost hunting can be a hobby or a way to help others.  If someone is making money from others' efforts, photos, or stories... watch out.  You need no special training, equipment or membership in a 'ghost  hunters society' to be a successful ghost hunter.

5. Ghost hunting should be fun and personally rewarding.  If it isn't, find another hobby.

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