Cirriculum vitae(cv)

                                            "  Özgeçmiş "  If you are interested in who I am in my public life, you may read my

                                                            My name is Ehyat Şimşek.I'm from Erzurum, Olur Çataksu village.I was born in Erzurum in1958. I left Erzurum when I was seven years old.After that,we went to Çataksu village.I started school in Çataksu. After I  finished the primary school.,I began secondary school  and   high boarding school in Erzurum.After I finished  gratuating high school,I started Atatürk University in 1978.I gratuated from Ataturk University,Physics Teaching Department in Erzurum.After my graduation,  I  started Izmir. Then,I was in different schools in Izmir,Tunceli,Kutahya.Now,I'm a physics teacher.I 'm still teaching to since 1993  in Aydın Efeler High School.