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Map Symbols

Map Symbols For Topographical Maps


You may wonder, "what do the all the colors on the map mean?" Well, its pretty easy, there are five different colors in a topo map. Green, white, blue, black, brown, and purple. Each color has a different meaning.

Green on any topo will always mean trees, bushes, forest. If its solid (big patches) green, its probably a forest or something with a lot vegetation.

White is just the apposite of green. No trees, bushes or forest. Completely barren of any vegetation.

Blue is really easy. Water. Any kind of water. Lakes, streams, well, creaks, springs, and even oceans.

Black. Everything is black is man-made. This includes all trails, roads, telephone lines, buildings and bridges.

Purple. Everything in purple is also man made, but was made a little more recently than the black stuff. An item will be purple if is the first time appearing on that map. That is, if it has been made since the last revision of the map.