First Aid
I really enjoyed this site. It has many first aid instruction and procedure's. This site will tell you just about everything you wanted to know about: bleeding, breathing, heart, heat and cold emergency's, poisoning, strokes, fractures, eye injures and much, much more. I highly recommend this site for any first aid needs.
This is a very good site for learning CPR. It's very easy to learn with the animated illustrations.This site also has videos you can download, the history of CPR, and even a test, to test your CPR skills.


Here it is! Every knot you can think of (yes boys, even the neck tie).
A good number of links about tying knots. Many of the sites listed have animation's for tying basic knots.


Tips on camping, cooking, safety and clothing. Also, detailed list on what to take on backpacking or camping trips.
"If you engage in backpacking, at some point, you may consider packing a lighter load. That consideration was the main reason this website was created, and it continues to be it's primary focus."


A lot of links about map and compass, also does a good job on explaining how map and compasses work. Lots of helpful stuff on this site.
Put together by a Scout, this site provides links to many map and compass sites.
Download any topographical map in the U.S. for free.


Anything and everything you wanted to know about Badden Powell, all on one website.
Mass amounts of scouting history, skills, ceremonies, etc.
This site is dedicated to helping scouts become eagle scouts. This site also has Eagle Scout history and things to help prepair for your eagle board of review.

This is the CT Rivers Council website.
Has the updated requirements for all the merit badges, also has very useful forms for each badge. Don't do a merit badge without it.

Scoutmasters Conference

How to run a scoutmaster's conference

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