Troop 8 East Hampton, CT

 Scoutmaster: Rich Arnold

Chartered by: VFW Post 5095

Welcome to Troop 8's official website! On the links that follow, you will find instructions on many Boy Scout related skills. Refresh your memory on how to perform CPR, save someone from chocking, hypothermia and many other first aid procedures. You can also find many tips and hints, as well as a few guides to backpacking in our backpacking link. Don't forget about finding your way, check out our map and compass link. Don't know how to tie the bowline? That's OK, we'll teach you!  Visit our blog for information, suggestions, and comments. Also, check the Calendar often as events and dates can change.

Lightweight Backpacking is an essential if you plan any backpacking trip for more than a couple of miles. With a backpack that's to heavy, you won't be able to get very far. If you manage to get to your destination, you'll be exhausted and won't be able to enjoy yourself. Now, if you bring along a much lighter pack, with just the essential stuff, you feel better, last longer, and actually enjoy your backpacking experience. Guaranteed!!! Click here
Backpacking Quick-Start Guide.
Winter Backpacking Clothing

Knots. One of man's most primitive tools. With this tool, you can build almost anything. At Scout outings and around your house, you have probably tied many knots. Some were simple, and maybe some were hard. Knots can help you tie a fish hook on your fishing pole, help you tie down your tent while camping, or help in a mountain rescue. The point is, knots are important. This section of our website will help learn a few basic knots you need to know for rank advancement.Click here
A-Z list of Knots and How to Tie Them



What is first aid and why do I have to know it? First aid is three things. Treating life-threatening dangers. Keeping the victim safe from further harm and getting proper medical help for the victim. Now, why do you have to know it? Just think, if no one knew first aid, who would fix your friend when he got his broken arm. Or who would save your grandpa's life by giving him his lifesaving CPR? The point is, first aid saves peoples lives. Chances are that you'll need to use first aid; not only when you go camping with your fellow scouts, but at home, work or school. Click here

Finding your way around is something you will not just do on a scout campout, but rather, a skill you can use through out your life. Just think, when was the last time you were in the car with your family? If you were going somewhere you have never been before, your parents portably used a map. Being able to read this map can mean the difference between getting lost, or getting where you want to go. Click here