Trail Maps

Colored Trail Lengths:

Blue - Lake Trail: 1.25 miles
Brown - Upper Trail: 1.5 miles
Orange - Woods Trail: 3.0 miles

Printable Map

PDF Format (Does not include colored trails)

Online Maps

Google Maps (Does not include colored trails)

Download Trail Data

Google Earth KMZ File (Includes colored trails)

Mobile App Guides

You can use the GPS in your mobile device, and the map data on this site, to guide yourself through the park.

Map Tile Data Files

Allows underlying maps on your mobile device without the dependency on a data connection.  Cellular data connectivity is typically available in the park, so you don't necessarily need these files, but they can be more reliable.  After clicking a link below, click on the resultant blue buttons that follow to download the file.  See the mobile app guides above for information on how to utilize these files.

These files were created using the program, Mobile Atlas Creator (MOBAC).  You can use it to create your own underlying map tile sets for your mobile device.