Heathers Audition Info

HEATHERS – Audition Information 

If you were placed in the ensemble of SJC, please plan on attending auditions January 11th and January 12th from 3:30-5:30. You do not need to attend auditions if you were placed in the chorus of SJC, you are already in the show in the chorus.  You do not need to attend auditions if you were placed in the ensemble of SJC and are not interested in a lead role with singing and/or acting – you will automatically be in the chorus. Auditions will be in the choir room.

Those ensemble members from SJC interested in being considered for placement in a lead role are asked to prepare 30 seconds of at least one song from the list below. Your song choice should be appropriate for your voice, vocal range, and acting ability. Your song choice should showcase your vocal, acting and character range. You will not be singing the entire song, choose 30 seconds. If you are interested in a particular role, you should choose a song that is sung by that character. Please prepare by listening to the song you choose and by practicing it. The original cast recording is free on Youtube. You may prepare 30 seconds from an additional song if you wish – for a total of 60 seconds of audition material.

Please choose 1-2 songs from this list:

“Dead Girl Walking” (Veronica)

 “Candy Store” (Heather Chandler)

 “Kindergarten” (Martha)

“Shine A Light” (Ms. Fleming)

“Lifeboat” (Heather McNamara)

“Freeze Your Brain” (JD)

“You’re Welcome” (Ram & Kurt) Not on cast recording – look at a high school video of show to find the song

 “I Love My Dead Gay Son” (Kurt & Ram’s Dads)

If you need guidance on what two songs to pick, feel free to ask Ms. Froehlich (W314). You will be asked to read sides from the play as well. What you read will be based on what we see from your vocal auditions.

Although there is nothing wrong with watching previous productions of HEATHERS to get an idea of the show and its characters, please do not copy another performers exact choices. Our production should be our OWN, not a copy of another group’s choices. There is a difference between what is an integral part of the script, versus our own, original creative choices that bring the script to life. Also, be aware that we are doing the HIGH SCHOOL version which has significant changes to the script.

Any other questions? Feel free to contact Ms. Froehlich (W314) or Mr. Matthes (black box). We are happy to talk!