The information in this database has been extracted from twenty original E. Howard Watch Factory record books generously donated to the Smithsonian Institution by Mr. Dana Blackwell.  Mr. Blackwell was employed by the E. Howard Watch Co. and managed to save the record books from destruction.  The record books are available to researchers by appointment in the Archives Center at the National Museum of American History. 

The data found here was recorded by hand and transferred to an electronic database by Robert G. (Bob) Rolfe.  This required a tremendous amount of time and effort on the part of Mr. Rolfe and we are all indebted to him for both his sense of volunteerism and for the excellent work he has produced.  A much smaller amount of work was provided by myself in the editing, formatting and web enabling of the database.  Bob and I are both members of the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors, the NAWCC Special Interest Group Chapter 149, The Early American Watch Club, and the Washington, DC, chapter of the NAWCC, Chapter 12.  We are joined and supported by Jon Hanson and the members of the Chapter 149 Howard Club to further preserve the original record books, to provide horological information and education to the general public, and to continue to improve on the data associated with these factory records through the addition of more original sales data, and other original E. Howard watch data where available.

Note that the factory records available to us start at movement No. 3,301.  The notations and abbreviations found here are generally those found in the original handwritten records.  See the provided legend for notes on the use of abbreviations in the database.  Click on a range of Serial Numbers to see the list of data:

Dave Chaplain


Data in the "Size" column is essentially as it appears in the original handwritten records with the exception that parentheses have been added to indicate that the data contained within only applies to part of the group.  Where movements were adjusted, the adjusters name sometimes appears in the records.  The abbreviation “Adj” has been added within the "Size" column to indicate adjustment to "heat & cold", or to "heat, cold and position" as originally recorded.  In other records this has been detailed in the "Notes" column.

Grade indications are absent in the earliest numbers.  Later grades are indicated by price, and still later grade numbers were provided in the records.

Abbreviations used:

" * "   - Potential additional data to be added at a later date

Adj     - Adjusted (added when implied by inclusion of the named adjuster)
Chro Bal- Chronometer Balance
D of S  - Date of Sale

H & C   - Adjusted to Heat & Cold

H,C & P - Adjusted to Heat, Cold & Position
KW      - Key Wind

Movt    - Movement   
NGL     - No Grade Listed
Pat Reg - Patent Regulator
Rayed   - Rayed Damaskeening
Set, SJ - Set Jewels
SW      - Stem Wind

Also note that the terms "No Data" and "Not Used" are both used to describe a serial number, or range of serial numbers, that are not found in the records.

Bob Rolfe