Is it possible to transfer data from the Web Booking Engine

There is an export function for all descriptive information, rates and inventory to excel, text or xml formats.

Charging credit card for No Shows – Bank refuses the debit

This online practice is accepted worldwide for over a decade.  Unfortunately many Asia banks are not up to date with this procedure and will refuse.  In such instances, the hotel should explain the process to their Bank so that they allow the charge the card since major Credit Card suppliers are OK with this practice

 The credit card advised is not a valid credit card

It happens rarely for the following reasons:

1. The CRS
does not check the credit card is a valid card.  This applies with many online systems.  (Sabre, Travelport etc.).

2.    The exception is when a payment gateway is set up that provides a link to a banking verification system and a payment is being made (deposit / full payment)

3.    The CRS only complete a credit card algorithm check. (Each credit card merchant has unique sequence for CC numbers and expiry date.  This is a very basic check and is easily worked around by those who understand this process.)

4.    Unless a payment gateway is in place there is no way any system knows if credit card has value, has been cancelled, has not been stolen etc... 

We are full and don’t want bookings

Access the control menu and close at property level or room level for the applicable dates.

Why aren’t the credit card details on the email with reservation details?

The credit card compliance regulations don’t allow credit card details to be sent by email. 

 If you need the credit card details you must retrieve them from the CRS back office.

When and how do you invoice us for reservations? (This does not apply if you are on prepaid unlimited reservations monthly fee)

 There are 2 possibilities:

 With the fixed monthly fee (unlimited reservations) you pay quarterly in advance.

 OR if you are on the fixed fee per booking we send you an invoice it is calculated on previous months departures, please indicate no shows on the excel sheet and summary report with comments.  Make appropriate adjustments for system / source fees and commissions.  This reconciliation must be returned within 10 days of receipt of the invoice since beyond this time no adjustments are allowed.

No show

You charge the guest credit card the cancellation fee you have set in the CRS.

 With the fixed monthly fee there is no need to advise eHotels Alliance partner support.

 If you are on a flat fee per booking, you will advise the no show using online reconciliation.

Reduced / Extended stays

With the fixed monthly fee there is no need to advise eHotels Alliance partner support.

If you are on a flat fee per booking, you will advise the extended / reduced using online reconciliation

Guest insists that he has prepaid the booking.

Unless you have set up prepayment as a payment condition on the rate (see merchant rate below), NO bookings are prepaid.

With credit card guarantee – it happens sometimes, that the guest did not understand that his card has not been charged.  When they accepted the terms and conditions that was credit card guarantee, the card has not been charged,

The guest should contact their credit card company and verify this.

YOU MUST COLLECT FULL PAYMENT otherwise it will be very difficult to receive any payment

Guest calls you direct to cancel a Reservation

Cancel the reservation on your property records (PMS) noting the guest cancelled direct. Ask the guest to also advise his Travel Agent.  Advise the no show using online reconciliation.