Tips to increase online bookings

1)      Review rates against your competitors to establish if your property is being competitive. Consider reducing rates to attract more reservations. In busy periods consider raising rates and applying minimum stays or closed to arrivals / departures, non-refundable for low rates etc.  Most online booking systems today enable these advanced functionalities.

2)      Maintain rate and inventory parity across all channels.  

3)       Send out an email blast to your top 100-200 Travel Agents advising them of your promotions with direct booking links.  You might wish to consider incentivizing your producing TA's to make more bookings.

4)      Ensure your direct booking links show on all pages on your web site and in the standard email footer for all email addresses in use at hotel.  EXCEPT emails to your OTA partners! 

5)      Provide a rate guarantee on your website and emails reassuring 'lookers' you are offering the best rate. Offer incentives for direct bookings such as room upgrade subject to availabiltiy, airport transfers etc.

6)       Channel Manager is essential for Hotels and Resorts today to effectively manage rates.

7)      Monitor and maintain active and competitive rates for at least the next 12 months in your booking channels using a Channel Manager. 

8)      Ensure your direct booking link is sent with all outward emails. and promotions whether online / offline.  Traditional promotion methods such as posting emails and fax can result in better results than email campaigns with many people worldwide complaining about the many emails they receive. Receiving a fax or letter puts something physical in their hands!

The Traveller Booking Cycle