Online Bookings - tips for managing CC guarantee

Whenever a new booking is received with a credit card guarantee you should request pre-approval for the cancellation fee from the CC vendor in case of no-show.  The credit card should be under the guest name.  The cancellation fee charged should be as pert the policy on the reservation detail delivered. 


When seeking pre-approval, if the credit card is invalid then you should send an e-mail to the agency email address show on the booking detail requesting new credit card detail under the guest name. If no any reply from the travel agent, send an e-mail to the booking source advising that the credit card is invalid and the Agent has not responded to your request for valid details.  Copy and paste or forward the booking details as an attachment in your email.


If guests contact your property direct to cancel booking; inform them that they must cancel direct with the web site or Travel Agent that they booked with.

When a guest no-shows you must charge the guest according to your hotel cancellation policy on the booking.

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