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A Month on the Ice Sheet - Photographic Impressions

Our mode of transporation to and from the ice. Landing a helicopter on the ice surface was not a trivial task and not entirely without danger.
A lake of melt water near the edge of the ice sheet An impression of our camp from the helicopter
The 31-meter mast The 13- and 4-meter masts
Instrument maintenance means mast climbing With all the melt, we had to tend to our sleeping quarters on a daily basis.
One day we noticed a fountain in the distance... maybe a subsurface reservoir being pushed upwards by the stress in the ice?
Happy hour
Our site as seen from the 31-meter mast. This is further on in the period on the ice: show has turned into sludge. Sleeping quarters after the one snow storm we had
Digging out equipment and wires at the end of the campaign. Wires melt themselves deep into the snow/ice, simply by the heat they absorb. Fog was very common on the ice sheet