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Eric Hausten


14875 Woodland Drive
Detroit Lakes, MN  56501
Phone 218-847-0309




My entire career has been devoted to assisting customers receive the correct product or service to solve their needs.  For over 18 years I have been helping companies grow through the creative planning and execution of strategic marketing programs.  I am an accomplished manager with an excellent record of growth and productivity, marketing industry-leading products with creativity and passion.  I want to take my extensive marketing and customer service background to help protect the interests of customers.



SJE-Rhombus®, Detroit Lakes, MN, February 2008 to Present


  Promotion Development.  

Work with internal parties to develop timely promotions.  Coordinate promotional material development and distribution. Manage internal tracking and reporting.  Report promotion results to complete marketing staff.


  Manage Tradeshows. 

Complete management of tradeshow planning.  Coordinated booth design, pre-show meetings, transportation, post-show wrap-up meetings and 360-degree lead tracking.  Brought a new level of organization to the process and restored confidence in the tradeshow planning process.


  Marketing Plan Development. 

Write and implement marketing plans for sump, effluent and sewage market product.  Research competitive products. Marketing Department representative on product development working groups.


  Saved Over $11,000 in 2009 Catalog Production. 

Worked with multiple vendors and internal personnel to competitively design and bid the 2009 Standard Products Catalog to save over $11,000 or nearly 30%.


  Instituted rep agency electronic newsletter. 

Achieve timely communication of programs, promotions and new product to rep agency principals and sales personnel across US and Canada.


  Product Development. 

Marketing representative on sump, effluent and sewage product development projects.  Provide marketing insights to development group.  Complete marketing tasks on new product development project networks.



Lund Boat Company, New York Mills, MN, July 1992 to April 2007.

Advertising and Promotion Manager

        Coordinated Lund 68-page full-line catalog. 

         Complete supervision of catalog development.  Managed concepts, photography, copy, proofing and approval of industry-leading catalog.  225,000 catalogs distributed to 325 North American dealers on budget and on time. Designed and produced other flyers and brochures as needed.

        Coordinated Lund dealer conference.

         Sat on dealer conference planning committee.  Coordinated all aspects of this annual meeting. Produced successful meetings for up to 600 personnel from over 150 dealerships across North America.

        Managed Lund Boat Company advertising.

         Managed creative development and placement of television and print advertising.  Planned and managed Lund’s $750,000 annual advertising program.

        Managed Catch of the Year & Spring Catch promotional programs.

         Designed and managed Lund’s promotional programs.  The Catch of the Year program grew retail registrations by more than four times in the difficult fall season.  Spring Catch grew registrations in the challenging spring season.

        Represented Lund on Brunswick Branding Working Group.

         Reviewed data for all Brunswick freshwater fishing boat and pontoon brands versus the competitive brands.  Interacted with coworkers from other Brunswick companies to position Lund and other Brunswick brands for market share growth.

        Web site management.

         Sat on Lund Internet Steering Committee. Reviewed and approved retail website concepts, layout and content.  Led content development for Lund consumer e-newsletter.

        Directed Lund’s annual point of purchase programs. 

         Directed program administered by other marketing personnel.  Assisted with concepts and designs.  Provided final approval of all point of sale items.

        Supervised Lund Sportswear program.

         Coordinated Lund Sportswear program with licensed outside sportswear company.

        Coordinated trade shows.

         Designed and coordinated all aspects of Lund trade show booth layout.  Assisted trade and retail customers.

        Photographed boats and accessories.

         Produced photography used in full-line brochures, website, business presentations, short run product brochures, advertisements, and ad slicks.

        Coordinated media relations.

         Coordinated annual product release press kit design, copywriting and distribution. Wrote and produced topical press releases.  Acted as primary contact with media.

        Administered retail co-op advertising program.

         Managed personnel that approved and requisitioned payments of co-op advertising claims for 150 eligible United States dealers.

        Dealer Sales and Marketing Coordination.

         Acted as temporary District Sales Manager for seven of Lund’s largest dealers.

        Negotiated and administered Lund/GMC joint marketing partnership.

         Managed Lund GMC affinity program and associated cross promotional activities.


Hillsboro Banner, Hillsboro, ND, February 1992 to July 1992.

Newspaper Advertising Representative

        Sold print advertising.

         Conducted regional advertising sales for Hillsboro Banner and Kelly Publishing, owner of Hillsboro Banner.

        Advertisement and newspaper layout and design.

         Designed and produced print advertisements.  Assisted in newspaper paste-up.


KQWB Radio, Moorhead, MN, October 1991 to February 1992.

Telemarketing Salesperson

        Sold radio advertising.

Conducted advertising sales for regional special events programming.

        Compose radio copy.

         Create radio copy for local and regional advertisers.



Bachelor of Science in Mass Communications, Advertising concentration, Minnesota State University Moorhead, Moorhead, MN.  February 1991.



      Minnesota Technologies Job Relations Training.

      American Management Association Newsletter Design Seminar.

      American Management Association Desktop Publishing Seminar.